CLIMATE DEADLINE 2035: Why We Must Support Direct Atmospheric Removal of Excess-Carbon (DARE)

“The climate emergency is the fight of our lives and for our lives.”
– Antonio Guterres, U.N. Secretary General


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“Restoring Our Climate (to 350ppm) by 2035”

In 2017 those of us working with Al Gore worried that people either weren’t talking about climate change or were still debating if global warming was “a hoax”.  Late that year I wrote the book Climate Deadline 2035 (2017).  Within a few months everyone was taking climate change seriously, but unfortunately not the deadline.  Most thought we had plenty of time to let solar power and recycling save us. (That ship sailed in the 1970’s.)  In 2018 I ran for Governor in Arizona talking about global warming as an emergency that needed to be handled before the mid-2030s.  A few months later the UN Secretary General was calling climate change an “emergency” and “the fight for our lives”.  Now, in 2019, we need to move to the next step – moving beyond debate and research to a process for safely, and rapidly removing the overload of carbon already in our atmosphere.

Now, I am obviously not saying that I alone catalyzed these progressions in climate change awareness, though I am sure I had some role.  I am not saying, that I have some marvelous special insight into climate change.  I am searching for a reason you should listen to what I am saying now about the need for emergency atmospheric carbon removal – and the best reason I can think of is I have been 100% on-target so far.  You have far more to lose if you don’t listen now and I am on target again than if you don’t and I am wrong!  We must manually remove vast amounts of carbon from our atmosphere before we reach 450ppm (which we will in the mid-2030’s or sooner) triggering a cascading interaction between ecological factors we have pushed off track through global warming.  So, we are dealing with both the long-term need to shift to sustainable ways of living on our planet AND the emergent need to rapidly remove carbon already in the atmosphere.


(1) Many people do not realize we have very limited time to reduce existing atmospheric carbon levels before they push our ecosystem into a exponentially-escalating shift to a “new normal” incompatible with the continuation of human civilization.

(2) With only 15 or so years left to accomplish this massive reduction in atmospheric carbon, even an immediate reduction to zero emissions will not be sufficient. There is already too much greenhouse gas in the atmosphere and it’s not going anywhere in a hurry! Americans have a Constitutional Right to a breathable atmosphere. The policies and actions of the US and other Governments have allowed runaway carbon and other greenhouse gas emission to endanger the life and liberty of all US Citizens. At this point the only redress for this situation is Active Atmospheric Carbon Removal.

(3) Atmospheric carbon removal must be initiated immediately and can be done in a safe, affordable and effective manner consistent with natural environmental processes.


It’s not too late, but all of us are already coping with the large and small local effects of climate change which will soon become so distracting it will be all by impossible to get ahead of the problem. As I write this a huge swath of the power grid in California is shut down for days to reduce the threat of wildfires like the Camp Fire in 2018 which destroyed whole communities. Massive stores of methane are being released from beneath melting permafrost and there is catastrophic slowing of heat-distributing ocean currents, a totally new species of microbes have emerged releasing carbon from the soil Earth’s greatest repository of carbon! A few short years from now, we will cross a Climate Deadline beyond which global warming (the 80-90% that is human-caused) will accelerate synergetically-exponentially, leaving our children on a one-way ride to a slow torturous extinction by the end of this century. At that point the children of our future will no longer have the opportunity we have now to stop what is happening. They will not have the resources to arrest such a massive process. It is we today who stand at a key moment in time and who still have the resources to fight.


Something we unfortunately no longer have is the opportunity to change global warming’s course with solar and wind energy, electric cars, and reduced emissions. We squandered that opportunity some 40 years ago when the “ozone hole” first become known, President Carter was putting solar panels on the White House, and the first 40+mpg cars were introduced. But we bought SUVs instead and kept drilling for oil to fuel them. Now, after another 40 years of filling our skies with the equivalent of 400,000 Hiroshima size nuclear detonations each and every day there is so much carbon (and other green-house gases) occluding our atmosphere that only the direct removal of carbon from our atmosphere can make a difference. And if you think about it, why would cutting emissions do anything to remove carbon already in the atmosphere? Kind of a silly idea isn’t it? At yet so may still cling to this comforting self-delusion.


Forget Climate Change denial. It’s old news and already in court! Investigators now know it was a disinformation strategy by “carbon majors” similar to the “smoking is good for you” plan which came before it. We are (or better be) way past that. The situation today is more like this…… Hitler is invading France headed for England and there are U-boats off our shores. THIS IS AN EMERGENCY and we must galvanize our fragmented and elusive National Will to fight or it WILL be too late. It’s a BIG job, so we need dramatic action to create awareness of this emergency. We must galvanize our fellow citizens to do what is needed!

What is needed is Direct Atmospheric Removal of Excess-Carbon (DARE). DARE refers to a group of technologies currently in development in university laboratories and tech firms with million-dollar cash prizes motivating them! They have in common the objective of large-scale removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The goal is to halt the carbonization of our atmosphere before it reaches approximately 450ppm (the “Climate Deadline”) to 350ppm atmospheric carbon or sometimes even less. (Pre-industrial carbon levels were fairly stable around 228ppm since the dawn of humanity, but now are approaching 420ppm and climbing rapidly.)

There are several approaches to DARE including: Bio-energy with Carbon Capture and Storage, (2) Biochar/Hydrochar, (3) Ocean Algae Fertilization, (4) Enhanced Weathering, and (5) Direct Air Capture and Storage. This is BIG cause for hope where only a few years ago there was none. Our Government and industry leaders need to be PUSHED to not only re-institute essential environmental protections, but also CREATE A SAFE AND EFFECTIVE PROGRAM FOR ATMOSPHERIC CARBON REMOVAL. The technology is out there, but WE THE PEOPLE must push to make it happen. (Follow the links on this page to learn more about the DARE solutions.)

Youth Climate Activist Gretta Thornberg and others are right when they warn that when the interaction between the various effects of global warming shift to an exponential rate of growth human beings will no longer have the ability to keep pace.  Already people are dying from heat waves, floods, fires and storms.  At that point living conditions for our children and their children will become increasingly horrible to the point where most of the human population will join the other species who have gone into extinction.  But 15 years or so there is still hope!  This is a time for the courageous and caring to fight for survival – even hard then during past world wars!  Please join us today!  

Ocean Assisted Carbon Capture & Reflection (OACC&R) is probably the leading atmospheric carbon removal strategy today. OACC&R was painstakingly designed by a group of senior scientists in the United States who began their work shortly after Al Gore’s first climate movie came out. (I am no longer affiliated with this group in order to keep my message conflict free.) OACC&R works with nature and the current energy infrastructure to remove carbon from the atmosphere. OACC&R uses byproducts from carbon capture filtration at energy and other major carbon-emitting plants to nurture short-cycle EHUX algae in non-life-bearing oceans. EHUX algae consume carbon from the air and water, then die and sink harmlessly to the ocean floor. (They created, for example, the White Cliffs of Dover.)


  1. OACC&R will save billions of lives by repairing global warming and reversing much of climate change
  2. Once brought online will produce rapid results
  3. Highly safe and controllable – can be made neutral in 8 days if unintended consequences emerge
  4. Works with natural systems to augment, not interfere with global ecosystem
  5. Carbon is sequestered at bottom of non-life-bearing (oligotrophic) oceans where it is least likely to cause future problems
  6. Creates vast advantages rather than disadvantages for government and energy industry
  7. Provides carbon emitting industry decades to transition to renewable processes
  8. Will develop whole new economies and create thousands of jobs
  9. Will bring together our fractured elements of society into a common cause
  10. Gives people and organizations who are feeling helpless, overwhelmed or frightened a way to do something about climate change
  11. Will save trillions of dollars in mitigation and infrastructure repair costs.


  1. Contact your House Representative HERE and your US Senator HERE to ask them to appoint a committee to explore OACC&R as a safe, rapid and effective solution to global warming.
  2. Make a donation HERE of $25, $50, $75 or $100 to support the effort to promote OACC&R.
  3. Cut and paste the information here and share about OACC&R on all your social media networks.  If you have an email list of friends and family send them.  (So many people today are feeling hopeless and fearful regarding climate change.  You will be doing a great service letting those you care about know there is something they can do to solve the problem.)
  4. Write an article, blog or letter to the editor for your workplace or social group or even your local newspaper.
  5. Visit our sister site at www.theclimatelawsuit.com or click HERE to get bumper stickers, baseball caps and other OACC&R merchandise.
  6. If your already involved with environmental organizations let them know about OACC&R.  Many still mistakenly believe recycling programs and alternative energy will be enough to get us past the current emergency.
  7. Extinction Rebellion (XR) has emerged recently as an important climate change organization that needs to hear about Ocean Assisted Carbon Capture & Reflection.  If you have access, share what you have learned!
  8. If you have contact with a high-visibility individual (a movie or recording artist or another famous person) talk to them about what they can do to promote OACC&R and or refer them to talk with our team.

So I invite you to read more about the various methods being developed for Direct Atmospheric Removal of Excess-Carbon. Then sit down with those close to you and brainstorm ways of assisting!  No contribution is too small or too large in this time of world crisis. 

Peace in Your Heart and Fortune in Your Steps,

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Dr. Christian R. Komor, Climate Repair Advocate
Author, “Climate Deadline 2035”