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Many of you may have given up hope for arresting global warming in time. Our emissions trajectory is now too steep and our legacy emissions too extensive (415ppm carbon) for even a full and immediate stop to greenhouse gas emissions to prevent us from crossing the anthropocene extinction boundary in the mid-2030’s. The UN declared a Global Climate Emergency in 2019, but what emergency measures are possible when emissions reductions and renewable transitions are no longer enough? Meanwhile, climate change fueled viruses, crop-failures, hurricanes, earthquakes, mudslides and migrations continue to distract our energies.

We do have the technology to safely and effectively put a hold on global warming in a matter of months using Solar Radiation Management (SRM) – a small amount of regional polar peroxide misting. We also have the new capability to deploy Direct Air Carbon Capture (DACC) and remove the massive overload of legacy carbon (CO2) persisting in our atmosphere. 

We have the tools to repair our damaged atmosphere, but their use will require a concerted global effort such as we have not seen since World War II. Given the increasing complexity and territoriality of international relations, the possibility of a coordinated carbon removal effort by the United Nations, governments, NGOs, and multinational corporations is virtually nil.

Meanwhile, in spite of a half-century of knowledge of the massive global cost in human life and many pledges and promises to reform, Canada’s carbon emissions instead continue to soar. In that country alone, government figures anticipate an emissions increase of 38% by 2030, mainly due to the expanding “Tar Sands” projects. Canadian emissions are expected to reach 815 megatons of CO2 by 2030 (up from 590 megatons in 1990).

With these realities in mind, in February 2020 the Climate Deadline Alliance filed a Complaint with the International Criminal Court in the Hague. The Complaint alleges the government of Canada is guilty of the crime of omnicide through the intentional release of the chemical Weapon of Mass Destruction analog Carbon. Omnicide is the most grave of all crimes against humanity. The Complaint alleges premeditation – like most governments Canada is well aware there is now irrefutable geologic evidence that, at the fast-approaching level of 450 ppm atmospheric carbon, an irreversible course will be set for omnicide occurring for the most part prior to the end of our current century.  Aware of this danger, as a countermeasure the Canadian government has been funding and is in possession of undeployed, at-scale Direct Air Carbon Capture technology – the most advanced in the world.

The Climate Deadline Alliance believes a Complaint in International Criminal Court may be the only remaining pathway for those of us intent on restoring our children’s now-forfeit-future. The ICC has the jurisdiction to order the Government of Canada to deploy their carbon removal technology. (This would likely start a cascade reaction as Canada sought to share the “burden of guilt” with other nations. This, in turn, would generate international coordination – our primary obstacle to resolving the Climate Emergency.)

Submitting a Complaint to the International Criminal Court is one thing. Assisting ICC Prosecutors in finding the courage and foresight to take up the prosecution is another. Without encouragement and support from environmental organizations, vigorous investigation by journalists, and pressure from citizens the world over the Canadian Omnicide Complaint may not see a courtroom. Because of its potential impact and unusual nature, the Complaint may be buried intentionally or unintentionally by the ICC or other elements. This is where you, your social networks and organizations you work for, or support can carry the day. We have learned the facts and protested in the streets. Now is the time for progress. Here is how you can help!

1.  Encourage everyone in your social circles to sign the Omnicide petition which you can find at

2.  Make a phone call, send an email or letter asking the ICC Prosecutors to open the Canadian Omnicide Investigation:

Click Here to See the ICC Initial Response

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